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Highly contributed researchers

Since 2017: Hiroshi Harada (2) / Takeshi Matsumura (2)


Introduction to the Special Section on Coexisting Radio and Optical Wireless Deployments (CROWD)

Authors: Hany Elgala, Mohamed-Slim Alouini, Harald Haas, Michael B. Rahaim, Hina Tabassum, Takashi Watanabe

On the Sample Size for the Estimation of Primary Activity Statistics Based on Spectrum Sensing

Authors: Ahmed Al-Tahmeesschi, Miguel Lpez-Bentez, Dhaval K. Patel, Janne Lehtomki, Kenta Umebayashi

Signal Detection Method for Interference From Inverter Microwave Ovens in WLAN Systems

Authors: Kensuke Nakanishi, Hiroki Mori, Takeshi Kumagaya, Tsuguhide Aoki