UbiComp is an international conference focusing on ubiquitous and pervasive computing. This conference was initiated in 1999. Since 2013, UbiComp has been jointly organized with another conference specializing in the area of pervasive computing.

Research transition

Motivated by my interests in the transition of research topics in ubiquitous computing, I created word clouds of UbiComp between 2001 and 2015. The following word cloud figures are generated based on the words extracted from titles and abstracts of papers published in UbiComp. A word cloud is a visualizing method that associates the size of a word with its occurrence rate in a designated corpus. While building the corpus, I cut off the words frequently used in academic papers – i.e., "novel," "conventional," "improved," and so on. Further, I mitigated the effects of declension with transforming a plural form into a singular form as long as possible – e.g., the word "smartphones" is automatically modified to "smartphone." All figures are generated by the GNU R package "wordcloud," which has been developed and maintained by Ian Fellows.


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