This web page summarizes the IEEE papers published by researchers in Japan. I originally made this list for myself, because I had been interested in the transition in research that has taken place in our country. After I created the list, however, I realized that it might be helpful for other researchers in or outside Japan. Hence, I published it online, hoping that it would offer recognition to top researchers, whom I greatly respect.

This list has been published in order to

  • recognize the research transition in wireless communication and its related area, and
  • promote the latest researches and acknowledge the contributions.

The following figures show the ratio of Japan-related papers from 2015 to 2019. Specifically, the number of Japan-related papers was divided by the total number of published papers for each IEEE journal or magazine.

Scope of the List

The scope of the list includes IEEE journals and magazines specializing in the following topics: wireless communications, computer networks, signal processing, information theory, control theory, and robotics.

The term a researcher in Japan is defined as a researcher who belongs to any organization in Japan, including a research institute, university, company, and so forth. I never considered the nationalities of the researchers on the list. However, since all papers were collected automatically based on the author name, this list contains a huge number of researchers who have Japanese name and live outside Japan. Please keep this limitation in mind.

Related Works

We can find similar lists of academic papers in the field of life science, especially those published in the world's highly nominated journals, such as Nature, Science, and Cell. For instance, consider

In the field of computer science, the following lists are available:

This web page was inspired by the above works.

List of Journals & Magazines (A to Z)

This list supports 49 / 355 = 13.80% of all the IEEE journals. The researchers who have highly contributed to each journal are also listed below, together with the total number of his or her published papers.


This list mainly consists of data extracted from DBLP, which has been released under the open data commons attribution license (ODC-BY 1.0). In order to compensate for the lack of DBLP metadata, I have corrected any errors I found, to the best of my knowledge. This website has been released for non-commercial purposes and is licensed under ODC-BY 1.0, along with DBLP.